*** Irrational Terror

I am so afraid of my brother. Anytime he sends a text that he wants to talk my body has a fear/ panic reaction. I hate this feeling. Stomach hurts, chest pressure, shallow breathing with shortness of breath. I tell myself his words are neutral. He is a human. He has rage about our family’s past. I don’t like to be scared he will yell at me or cut me off from himself or my mom ( he is her caregiver). He has raged at me frequently over the past 4 months as my mom’s health has been deteriorating. I know he is under stress. I want to people please him because having an honest adult relationship feels like I would be in danger. He was a national ranked debater. He is a doctor and Stanford grad. When I don’t agree with his views on our family problems I feel like I have to lie to keep him off my back. If I make him mad he won’t let me have contact with my mom. I don’t want to be so afraid all the time . It feels miserable.
C -I have a brother. T- he can hurt me ( not true) F- terror. A- shut down in panic, brain chatter, imagine scary scenarios of him hurting me or my sister R- more fear of him