Is it buffering?

I am not normally a diet soda drinker. I have one occasionally (not even once a month) as a treat. Tonight I fell and split my eyebrow open (I am totally fine) and my hubby took me to the ER to get the wound taken care of. Afterward he decided he wanted a “treat” so he went by and got a milkshake. I didn’t want a milkshake but I thought that a Diet Dr. Pepper sounded good. After getting it I started to wonder if it should have been on my plan and if it was buffering to get it. It feels like a treat so is it the same psychological thing as if I had gotten a milkshake? I don’t feel like I am running from any emotions because I was actually happy because I was able to get up off of the ground by myself after the fall (two years ago when I weighed 460 pounds I would have had to have my hubby help me up) and then I was also happy that I was questioning the dr about his limits on my workouts for the next three days (that would have never happened 2 years ago). So even though it was potentially a bad event my mood was actually good. Sorry for the long story but I really am working to practice all of the things I am learning. Thanks so much for all you do. You are truly making a difference in people’s lives.