Is low libido and being tired a circumstance or a thought?

Today is my nineteenth anniversary (yay us!!!). I woke up knowing my husband would want “anniversary sex” tonight (which you all know is crazier than say “middle of the week sex,” lol) and i just felt tired. I have a new puppy and a newborn i tend every day during the week so i get up during the night and then feel sluggish throughout the day. I didn’t used to feel this way but now i feel unusually ragged. Before we got the puppy two weeks ago i was doing thought downloads every day, exercising every day, and my house was clean. I feel like I’ve lost some momentum (as well as patience) because I’m not getting the sleep i need. And now it’s my anniversary and i don’t even feel like having sex. This makes me feel like a bad wife. I honestly don’t know how long i could go without sex, but it’s safe to say a long time. So is this just the way i am (my circumstance) or is libido all in your head?

I deeply love my husband and thanks to may’s work on relationships, I’m in an even better headspace so i feel like i want to love and cherish him even more. And for a man, it’s easy to show that if you just have more sex, right? I could talk myself into it, (which i usually do) and by the end of it, I’m like, well that was actually fun, why didn’t i surrender sooner because i actually enjoyed myself. I guess i just answered a little bit of my question–if i get in the headspace knowing i love my husband and i love feeling close and i know it’s fun once i get around to getting naked (haha), then i might as well feel that NOW instead of dragging my feet. It’s just so much mind work and I’m tired!! And obviously that thought isn’t serving me or my marriage… Haha

Am i the only one struggling with this problem? I’m so excited to come to coach training in September and have been thinking a lot about my target. I’m wondering if this would be a good niche. Middle-aged women who burn the candle at both ends and feel like they have nothing to give but still want to have extraordinary marriages and love life. Is this narrow enough? If i need to narrow it, i could say “middle aged women with a puppy…” Lol!! Would there be enough women to coach with this problem? Do people turn to Google for answers on this?

Obviously I don’t currently consider myself to be a sex therapist (yet!), but once i learn the coaching skills in September, i could solve any problem with the model, am i correct?

thank you for your help!!!