(Jessica) Obstacle thoughts

Hi! I am trying to overcome some obstacle thoughts and looking for direction. I am noticing a pattern where I get close to a goal and start thinking old thoughts or maybe they are obstacle thoughts. I have run models on them and notice them after they come and go. Things like “you are not a real nurse”, “you can have that bite”, “you are not smart enough for that job”, “you look fine, no reason to push yourself ” you get the idea. I am so close to goals! Then I seem to back off the gas so to speak. I want to go from good to great! I notice the thoughts afterwards. I seem to get rushed or caught up in the day, all excuses I know but need some direction on where to take it from here. Write down the obstacle thoughts and make a plan for them? Is that the missing piece? I don’t evaluate the day at the end of the night? Too caught up in my head not enough action?