Job Decision

I’ve been unhappy about my current job for quite a while and have been thinking if I should leave. A few months ago I applied for an entrepreneurship program that helps accelerate building ones own business. This program is very interesting and I’m actually keen to be part of, only downside is that it’s very different from what I’m doing now, and also compensation wise a lot lower (because I’m starting over completely)

By the time I applied I was very frustrated about my work and just applied a bunch of things almost randomly. And now this program app came back wanting to progress me to next round (interviews etc.) Though I’m not officially offered a position there, I’ve started to think what I should do , should I leave to join that program or stay till I’m happy?

I’m aware that I’m not happy about my job is caused by my thoughts ; and if I’m not happy where I am now, it’s hard for me to stay happy anywhere else.

My question is: should I stay at my job and learn to manage my mind, or leave and join that program (which I believe is a really good rare opportunity, but also risky). I’m unsure if I stay, am I running away from the risk of starting over ; or if I leave my job, am I running away from the responsibility of learning to manage my mind and thoughts and be happy?