Job models! – lp

I am so excited. It finally clicked. I made the decision to re-commit and double down on working on how I’m showing up at work and came up with an intentional model that feels really good. I had committed to staying in my job until at least the end of this year to get this right and I know I keep blaming it and trying to escape the circumstance

C: job
T: I hate it
F: mad, frustrated, self-pity
A: blame it and others, don’t advance my skills, buffer, overspend, do work I hate, defer to others, don’t speak up, criticize, worry, procrastinate, don’t manage my time, spin in overwhelm and anxiety and self-loathing, avoid fear, resist, find all the reasons why projects are going to fail, focus on minuscule tasks, lose sight of the big picture, forget things, stay quiet, people please, consider other jobs/careers
R: I hate me

C: job
T: I will do whatever it takes to do my absolute best work the rest of this year
F: motivated
A: self-coach, advance my skills, do amazing work, lead projects, guide clients, make more money, love my colleagues and clients, focus on providing value, do work I love and am proud of,
R: I’m proud of me and prepared to coach others

C: job
T: this job is the best thing that could have ever happened for me
F: grateful
A: stay, change my mind, love it, gain self-coaching skills, increase confidence, become an emotional adult
R: massive personal growth and prepared to coach others

Thank you so much – hope to see you at a near future coach training!