Jody – and question on coaching clients not familiar with The Model

I want to be Jody Moore when I grow up! I love how straightforward, to the point, and confident she seems to be.

Actually, I notice that, while all your coaches have their own personalities and spin on things, the one thing that they (and you) all have in common is that they are so laser-focused and clear. They can find the thought so effortlessly, without a lot of “fishing” and excess drama. I am a trained MB coach and find that I’m asking so many questions that aren’t even necessary because they are just adding more details about the circumstance or have to do with related thoughts that confuse the main thought. I was hesitant about signing up for coach training because I’ve already done some training, but now I am so happy that I did! They are all masterful and I am looking forward to developing that skill!

Which brings me to a question about coaching “muggles” or people not familiar with your work and The Model. When you are coaching someone who is not familiar with the model, how do you do that without going through a whole explanation of CTFAR? Does that happen sometimes, or do you take a few minutes to review it with them? I’d love to see some examples of you coaching someone who has not gone through your program and how that’s done. Related to that, I watched your Entrepreneur video about creating a program – if I’m creating a coaching program on say, weight loss or money mindset, do you think that one module of the six-part plan needs to be devoted to teaching The Model?