Jolt of shame


Hi! Question, I have done a lot of Models on the thoughts that create my occasional shame, which has been so helpful to realize it is my thinking, not the other person causing this…… I do sometimes wonder what to do in the moment, when I quickly still have those intense feelings of it. For example, I was coordinating a meeting with a friend and during the emails she wrote “Can we just talk about this later?” I instantly felt that shame b/c of my thoughts that I had done something wrong, but in the moment the feeling is there and intense…… Just allow the feeling knowing that I can do shame?, or should I be practicing thoughts that contribute to less shame. Just wondering what direction you would recommend in the moment, since my brain quickly still runs with the old models…….
C-Email that read “Can we just talk about this later?”
T- She’s mad/annoyed with me, I did something wrong to upset her
F- embarrassed/ashamed
A- cheeks get red, don’t want to look at any more emails from her, process with my husband, sometimes I want to not be friendly with her but I fight that
Thank you 🙂