Joy eat

Im not sure if a joy eat is defined as eating something off protocol. Im going to the movies tomorrow and id like to plan ahead and eat popcorn. Im not even sure if im going to eat it, ive been to the movies and had zero desire for it but want to plan ahead in case i choose to have it. And, im not even sure how popcorn is categorized since i dont believe it has any sugar or flour in it. But to me its a snack, which is off my protocol, and its a food i didnt include in my protocol orginally so i consider it off protocol. So does this make it a joy eat? And if yes, does this mean i sit in a theatre with pen and paper writing down every bite, feeling, and thought? Not sure how the joy eating works. I dont want to be in “diet” mentality. Im committed to no sugar and no flour for life…just not sure where popcorn falls and if its considered flour or sugar i have no problem giving it up. The great news is ive lost all my over desire for sweets. We had a gender reveal for my son and his wifes baby and they made cupcakes filled with blue and we were to bite into it. Looking at the cupcake actually made me feel sick. It was great! I just pulled mine apart.

Also, i know rice is listed under grains. Does it matter if its white or brown rice?