Judging my mother :)

I have picked my mother as my first relationship to work on. (Would have chosen my husband but he was sitting next to me in the coffee shop when I started and that felt awkward 🙂 )

It was quite illuminating to see many of my judgments about her reflected in myself, but most of them are things that I no longer hold true about myself because I went to therapy and changed my thinking and behavior around them.

I think maybe I judge my mother all the more harshly because I put in the work to overcome those things and she’s not even aware of them, or she doesn’t see them as problems.

Is this the end of the exercise, I just recognize that I chose to work on the things that bothered me about me, and she’s free to do what ever she pleases, and I get love her unconditionally just because it’s what feels best?

Thank you!