July homework – PG

Hi Brooke

I had a question about the weekly homework, I’ve had several events in the past that I want to work on but my mind is fixated on the abuse I had from my big brother. I did this in week 1 but when I went to do week 2 I think of the big brother abuse again. I had other events in my life too like my parents going to jail, my dad beating up my mum etc but I just bunch all these events together for evidence to the thoughts that my life is full of pain, struggle and drama. I don’t know if i should just keep working on the abuse then every week or try to work on the other events individually. I’m aware I use these thoughts that my life is full of pain, struggle and drama to justify my overeating and need for buffers to create feelings of helpless, self pity, defeated and being stuck/in a struggle. I was listening to the advance training of my fat identity and I was wondering if I should do work on what I think my identity in general is then instead of my fat identity as I’m not overweight but I do buffer with food and overeat/binge regularly.