June 5 Coaching call questions

Hi Brooke,
I just got my Bonus Box TODAY and tomorrow is my 1st live call. So I have 2 questions I hope you can answer tomorrow.

1) I’m retired and pretty much stay in my house unless I have something scheduled to do outside, maybe Monday nite and all day Friday, so I really don’t know what dares to even think of that I can do, and I’m a little nervous to do any. I believe you can help with this,
2) As far as overeating, which is my drug of choice, when I’m say sitting watching TV and the next thing I see is some food I’m eating next to me, especially later after dinner, then I was UNCONSCIOUS when I was doing it, and NEVER stop in the moment to ask myself what am I feeling or what do I really want. So.. I really need a technique to help me from numbing out or going unconscious or at least to become aware before that moment happens,ok.