Should you just avoid some people

Hi Brooke,

I would like to get your opinion and help on the following situation. I am exploring new friendships with a couple of ‘mum friends’ that I have met. From what I have seen this group I have befriended are really ‘clicky’ and have created a sort of ‘gang’. They bitch and judge people a lot, which quite frankly, i’m just not into. They talk about drink a lot and put pressure on everyone to drink alcohol. I rarely drink. I thought one or two of them were okay, but recently I have seen a different, nasty side to them. I have been invited to attend social occasions with them. I have agreed to attend one event coming up and I am unsure whether to go. I am making effort with other ‘mum friends’ too, as I think I do want to back away from this group. However, would this situation require self coaching about the negatives I have mentioned. Or is it best just to avoid some people?

How do you deal with nasty comments? Especially when they all back each other up too.

Thanks Brooke xx