Just for accountability

I don’t need to lose weight but I have realized that I do buffer with food — just not to a degree that affects my weight.

I have gradually reduced that tendency without adopting a particular protocol, just being on to myself about it and opting out when I notice I want to do it.

But I’ve been resisting giving up my habit of eating something sweet after dinner (usually a gluten free multi seed cookie with a few squares of 100% cacao chocolate).

I have been bothered by this attachment since joining in Feb, and finally I am ready to jump in, commit to no sweets after dinner for the whole month of May (it feels easier at this point not to make it a forever thing) and see what comes up for me. I’m ready for the ride. 🙂

Posting this both to hold myself accountable by sharing it with you, and to share with others that sometimes you know what you need to do but you need to build some momentum before it feels right and doable.

Thank you for reading!

PS : I had the best dream about you the other night, we were just talking and laughing and having a ton of fun. 🙂