Just started scholars – a lot of material!

hi Brooke
Just started scholars in October. Quite excited at the prospect.

Getting through the homework, podcasts, thought downloads, call recordings, but rather at the expense of work! Procrastination. I’m really enjoying the concepts you present (e.g. Fear of failure; Anxiety = fear of feeling – who knew?), but it’s a steep learning curve – there’s a lot of new material and ideas and I’m trying to limit study to an hour or two each day, not sink.

I’m not convinced I’m absorbing much at this speed. I probably need to use the model on my memory, which isn’t the best. I can’t see instructions that we should be practising the model or stopping buffering yet, so I think that will come later?

Also I thought I might start on Overeating, but I am so busy with October material I haven’t even looked at Overeating yet.

I need to manage my overwhelm and work procrastination a bit.