Keep seeing friends happily

Hi, Question:

How can I keep seeing friends happily while my whole world is changing and has less and less congruency with their worlds?

I experience a growing desinterest in their affairs and stories. Have super engaged with a lot of them in the past and feeling saturated with engaging more on the same level, finding it challenging to engage with them on the things that are fascinating me currently.
C There are other people in life
T They are taking up my precious time
F Feel resistance in even being in touch with them, let alone making appointments, seeing each other
A Keeping them at a distance, low intense communication, slowing down respons, indicating being in a phase of date-detox etc
R It is still costing me tons of energy, though much much better than having min. 7 meet-ups every week.

Yesterday I watched the Fix Relationship 15 min. with Brooke and I will use these parameters also in those relationships.