Keeping promises to myself

We just finished the Self Coaching Scholars’ call today . . . thanks so much for your humor, candor, and empowerment. I have been a SCS since Day 1 in January and have said that “one day” I was going to get coached live, but have yet to fulfill that promise to myself. So, today I struck a compromise with myself to write something, anything to you. Keeping promises to myself is a big deal, in that I don’t do it often enough. However, last Friday I had rhinoplasty (nose job) at the age of 50 . . . because I always said I was going to one day. And today my stitches and splint were removed taadaa!! I love the result, but I more love that I carried through with a huge promise to myself. Brooke, how can I keep more promises (big and small) to myself and stop letting myself down aka lying to myself?