Kevin (Nadège)

I’ve just found out one of my former students passed away yesterday. He must have been around 23-25 years old. Here are my models. I’m not sure about the result lines and would love to get help. Thank you.
C – Kevin
T – He looks so alive in my memory and the pictures!
F – sceptical
A – I question his death
R – I can’t come to terms with reality.
Most actions are actually me thinking about him and what happened, so are they really actions? Can crying be an action too?
T – He shouldn’t have died!
F – anger
A – I blame fate
R – I argue with reality.
I tried to focus on intentional models.
T – He’ll stay alive in my memory and my writings
F – optimistic
A – I share about his life and death by talking and writing about him to my colleagues who knew him
R – I accept his life and death
Another one:
T – it was supposed to happen because it did
F – acceptance
A – I think about Kevin’s fate
R – I accept Kevin’s fate.
And I’m choosing to cry and honour his memory by going to his funeral…
Thank you for your help.