How do I know if I need more help?

Hello. I found your podcast last November and it has changed my life. I am 23 years old and had found myself absolutely lost in my life. After listening to you and applying your concepts I reached my goal weigh in a matter of months, and feel like I have true control over myself. It felt like a miracle. You also helped me manage my mind through a devastating break up in January. I joined SCS just this month because I had finally caught up with your podcast and wanted to see what else was possible for myself through your teachings. My new goal is to achieve financial stability and wealth using the same skills that I used to lose the weight. My ultimate goal is to become a Life Coach through your school, since my whole life I wanted to be a psychologist but realized life coaching was really what I wanted, but had never heard of it.
Okay, so to my question. I am struggling with my financial goals because outside of the full-time restaurant job that I have, I haven’t found a way to make additional income. I have tried a few things with some results but am still looking for the thing that will provide that steady additional income every month. My goal is to make $1,000 extra dollars every month since that seems realistic for my current situation. Of that I am going to save $800 every month so I can have enough to eventually go to your life coaching school and use the other to spend since I own very little of the functional things in life (like furniture) that I want. ( I don’t actually know how much it costs to go to your school yet but I will get that number soon.) I know you cant provide me with the answer to how I can make that income, my plan for that is to make a long list of ideas and fail to achieve my goal until I don’t fail at achieving it. But I am considering canceling my self coaching scholars membership so I can put that money into my savings. I guess my question is, is that counterproductive? I think I am doing a good job at applying your concepts. I have gained SO much value from being part of this program just in this one month. It sucks to consider letting it go, but I wonder if I am on the right path enough to still be okay without it and how would I know that?
Thank you so much Brooke. I can’t wait until the day that I sit at one of your trainings. And thank you for reading this.