Last coaching call

I watched the last coaching call and a LOT of it hit home with me. Especially the money one. I have the exact same thoughts about money. I didn’t realize until then that it WAS a thought (or probably a few thoughts) that i have about money. It was simply ‘life happened this way, this is the way things are’
Now I’m opened up to the idea that it is my thoughts about money that keep me in low paying jobs and bring me to do actions that don’t bring in money for myself. I want nothing more than to be financially independent but have kept myself in a proverty disempowered loop for my whole life because of my thinking. I think ‘i’m not cabable, no one would want my things if i sold them, i have no skills to offer’ but all of that is bs. I actually have a lot to offer but am also realizing i’m terrified of having money (or have been)…i realize how much work I have to do around money and am excited to challenge myself by changing this pattern. I don’t want to live out the same life over and over again! I’ve been in SCS since August and layers keep peeling back… I’m looking forward to working on really becoming aware of the thoughts that hold me back here. I’m still in a little shock actually about the fact that my ‘reality’ about money is actually a thought…
Thanks so much for everyone who called in! And thanks for the great coaching!