Hey brooke,

I havent asked a question in a while.

Im finally a Diamond!!! LOVED the necklace. I also love the card and letter, the design is so beautiful.


So im quitting my job in August, something ive struggled to do for a VERY LONG TIME. Im also moving, so its kinda what is forcing me to do it anyway.

I finally realize that im going to be just fine.

For a long time i wanted to save a certain amount before i quit because i was scared and felt like i was being irresponsible if i didn’t

Now, I know what I have is just fine and I can easily find a part time job if I REALLY needed some cash. I made this such a big deal before but it really isn’t.

I am building my business and once i quit, i am going ALL in on finding my clients.

So, I was setting my date to what seemed like the very last possible date I could work before i move.

Then I was listening to your podcast on discomfort and had a thought about maybe quitting a few days earlier.

I immediately felt a lot of anxiety,

I’d love to quit sooner but that’s too soon ( just by a few days)

Thougthts about money came up haha

Then I looked at the calendar and started worrying about what I was going to do meanwhile. I was worried that I would be bored and wouldnt know what to do with myself for those extra days.

I never thought that would give me anxiety.

I wanted to wait til right before i had to move because then the move would keep me busy.

Now, im thinking maybe I SHOULD quit a little sooner.

Its uncomfortable and I really don’t know why im trying to avoid it. My thoughts want to tell me it’s money and blah blah blah but I know that if I reeeaaally wanted to make extra cash before I quit, I can just pull some overtime which is usually easy work.

Maybe its working going all in on my business ?

Since im probably trying to wait til I “settle in” to go all on my business.

Omg, that could be it. I’m anxious thinking about it.