Letting adults be with an unhealthy habit …

How do you let adults be when you don’t like what they do? My boyfriend had taken a break from smoking pot and last weekend went back to it. I never cared that he smoked it but I cared when he smoked it often (such as morning, noon, and night). I actually don’t like that he smokes it during the day at all. I am hoping that because he is stuck home during COVID he’s doing it out of boredom and after COVID won’t do it as much. The smoking the pot around the clock is a deal breaker for me. So I’m trying to not say anything, be patient and see what he does.

Thought Download
1. He’s an adult who can do what he wants – this thought does not make me feel better because I want him to do what I want in this case.
2. I can be with whoever I want – also does not make me feel better because I want to be with him.
3. BF exists – okay .. I can work with this one.
4. I love him and hope he does not make a habit out of this.
5. I’m scared he’s going to go back to his old ways of smoking a lot of pot.

So I have also tried to think about what his pot smoking means about me. I think it’s an unhealthy habit and when he smokes he acts different and sometimes he forgets what we talk about. So basically, he’s not all there when he smokes and it would make me feel better to be with someone who is present in our relationship.