Letting go of possessions/letting go of relationships- Is There a pattern?

Dear Brooke, one thing I learned from cleaning out my closets this month is that I often hold onto things that aren’t right anymore (eg may not fit well) because I’m afraid I can’t do better. I don’t throw things away until I’ve replaced them. I wrote this in my homework about my clothes, but as I read it back I was powerfully struck that it also described my marriage – it doesn’t seem to fit but I don’t leave because I think I’m unlikely to find better. I’ve been in SCS many months and benefitted in so many areas, but I’ve not yet been able to shift my relationship with my husband. We are essentially friends, co- parenting, sharing a home but no intimacy at all in nearly 5 years. I like and respect him – it just feels like we changed and moved on. Do you believe our relationships can become dated, in the same way as our possessions?