Light bulb moment – It’s not better there!

Not a question just sharing my light bulb moment 🙂
Whenever I faced a prospect of someone challenging my decisions at my current job, I always thought – I’m not good at this. I should change my role. Then it would be all easy and happy over there.
I have a coworker (who challenges me a lot) returning from his vacation tomorrow and my mind was racing with chances of conflict happening tomorrow. I noticed myself thinking the exact same thoughts and I realized
– wait a minute, it won’t be better there. Chances are that I still would be challenged by someone else in that other role. It won’t be rainbows and daises.

This was a huge revelation to me, I was planning to move to this role because I thought it would be better there. I now know it won’t be. The best is here.
I would change to that role only because I want to, not because it would magically eliminate all the discomfort.
Now I feel more confident making a decision into moving this role ( in future).
Thank you for teaching this.