Liking someone – PG

Hi Brooke

It’s PG again, I know I need to be an emotional adult but I’m still continuing to be a child by either buffering or seeking comfort in food. I’ve been listening to your podcasts about love and likability. I understand the concepts and I’m trying to adopt them but I keep overeating still. I never let myself get close to a guy before. I’ve always wanted to fall in love but it also scares me as I don’t want to experience the pain of having it and then losing it as I don’t think good things happen to me or I can stay happy for long as something bad always happens up so I’m always expecting/waiting for something bad to happen. I don’t think I can handle having my heart broken by a guy. I used to always daydream when I was growing up that this amazing guy would come and save me like a fairy tale Prince Charming. I now know that I don’t need something external to feel happy or loved but I still seek these things externally at times. I like my PT and I’m finding this hard to deal with as I get frustated and anxious because of my thoughts like I can’t figure out if he likes me the same way, I think he knows I like him or I think he is playing games with me. I know I can like him without him liking me back in the same way but I struggle with this concept as I don’t want to like someone who doesn’t like me as I feel like I’m being an idiot/fool and when I try just to like him without him liking me back, i find my feelings getting stronger or I get upset when I start thinking thoughts like I don’t understand what we are, he sends me mixed messages/signals, I’m soo confused, why does he do this to me when he knows what I’ve been through. I want to keep him in my life but I don’t know how to manage my mind and feelings around him. Do you have any ideas of how I can manage my thoughts and just like him without overeating.