I literally have too much to do in my day2

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for your response. You are right I do want to do it all. I have a belief that unless you are busy and doing lots of things, then you are lazy. Taking it easy is not an option. This is my mothers and grandmothers belief, And I believe it’s Societies belief. I am understanding this. I am finding it challenging to change this. I however feel like, working and looking after my kids is not an option and something that I can’t not do. I understand that this is a choice. I guess this (just kids and work), for me, leaves little time for anything else, things that I want to do, just for me, doing hobbies or things I enjoy or even time to really relax etc. so I feel tired and burnt out. I love being around my kids, so that brings me a lot of joy but I do feel like sometimes I need a break from it all, to rest and recuperate and I am not getting that at the moment. There are also things that I have to do that I don’t want to do. So I guess my thinking is negative about these and so I guess that is draining me? Yes?

So model
C – A lot to do
T – This is all too much, I can’t handle this
F – Despair, upset, frustrated
A – Procastinate then get down and do the work
R – Exhausted ( gives evidence to the thought This is all too much, I can’t handle this)

C- A lot to do
T – It is possible that my thinking is causing me to burn out, I don’t have to do any of this, It’s okay I can handle it, I am in control, I choose what I do today and if it all doesn’t get done so be it and that’s okay, I am important too and I need to look after myself
F – Less stressed, more in control, more focussed
A – More focussed and relaxed doing the work
R – less exhausted
Is this the sort of thing?

Thanks xxx