A little piece of paper…

My gym is having a “hell week” as a challenge. If you complete 5 or 7 days, you will get a T-shirt. You can put a piece of paper up and mark off each day that you come to the workouts.

I didn’t want a T-shirt (I don’t wear T-shirts!), so I didn’t put up the piece of paper.

But I still go to these workouts on the days that I normally go to the gym (which is 5 of 7 days).

My coaching client who also goes to this gym was disappointed that I did not put up that piece of paper. To her, it was not about the T-shirt, but about supporting the gym and encouraging others, cheering them on.

It’s so interesting that she sees it that way, and I don’t at all.

I am trying to show her that it’s the thoughts we have about the piece of paper.

It means something else to her, that’s why her feeling about my doing is “disappointed.”

For me, the piece of paper is about accountability and getting a T-shirt when the challenge is achieved. So my feeling about it is “neutral.”

Am I correct in showing it to her this way? It’s fascinating what a little piece of paper can do!