Live coaching call

Hi Brooke

I cant find a place to ask about being on your live coaching call this week? So I will do it here.

I am having some great success watching my thoughts and applying the model – I’m actually really enjoying it. I feel heaps better (lighter, more energetic, free-er) now than when I started Scholars 3 weeks ago.

However, I’m a little bit super-glued to my procrastination habit. I make a weekly 7 day/hourly schedule on a Monday and all the Scholars exercises are on it, as well as work and social commitments.

The Scholars work is fine – I’m doing that – but when it comes to stuff I don’t want to do…such as client work, working on my business, or sometimes early morning exercise… Hmmm… I find myself doing all sorts of naughty things instead. Not that I don’t catch myself, but I continue anway.

I’m probably being lazy asking you to coach me on that, heh? But anyway will you please? It would also be nice to meet you on the Live call.