Hi Brooke,

I can’t seem to find a better thought for something that’s been an issue for me for a while now. I have many friends from college days with whom I still keep in touch, but they live far away now so we only really talk a few times a year. I have not made many good friends since then and now I’m in my mid-40s and feel extremely lonely. Even though I have a great family and spouse, I miss having good girl friends close by. I’ve tried to make connections over the years; however, it seems like I’m always the one reaching out and even when I do start forming a friendship, it never seems to go beyond a surface, social level.
I’ve tried different thoughts, like “I’m okay with being alone.” “I’m learning to enjoy my own company” but they do not resonate. Then I’ve tried others like, “I have lots of friends” or “I’m learning how to be the initiator” or “It’s easy to connect with people and form friendships.” etc., but something’s missing.

I’m an extrovert by nature, so having those deeply connected friends around has been a struggle. Any suggestions on where I’m stuck?