Long-term online course goals

Do you recommend starting online coaching with Introductory Courses that have a very specific niche that may be different than your long-term goal/niche, for the sake of giving them tangible results? For instance, I plan to build a base of women who struggle say “no” to food and alcohol to give them a very tangible result (losing weight), but my long-term goal is to help them improve their overall confidence, stop overworking themselves, and learn to say “no” to people testing their boundaries. I don’t want to overcomplicate my business but my thought is to create a very specific, simplistic result for the base I build, then expand by offering different courses to the same people and/or developing a Signature Course for a more in-depth look into my most popular courses. Also, does this flip-flop of niche topic (from health to relationship) seem like a bad idea? Thanks!