Losing Steam

Hi Brooke,

I have been working hard on our projects so far and am very invested in the work we are doing here. I even have my husband hooked on your podcast and a few of my yoga students are now working with the model. So I love it all but I am doing a battle over the last few weeks with my mood and energy.

The main reason/ excuse is that I am hitting that yucky phase of my first trimester. I just got over a cold and a migraine that lasted a few days on top of it all and it has left me feeling zapped. I know I need to give myself some room to rest but I can’t help putting pressure on myself and feeling like a failure when I need to adjust my plans on days when I am nauseous or have heartburn all day.

I am also aware that because my last pregnancy was difficult throughout the entire process, I am gearing up to feel bad which isn’t helping (haha). Needing a gentle kick in the pants on how to rethink the physical discomfort of this whole journey.
Thanks so much