Losing weight with an autoimmune disease

Hi Brooke.. I just joined Self Coaching Scholars, loving it thank you! One of the areas I’m focusing on is losing weight. I’m not massively overweight but I’d like to lose some kilos. Long story short, I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s – my energy levels were very low and I found myself putting on weight even though I eat a very clean diet so I pushed for an answer and found I have Hashi’s – which is also a underactive thyroid. I’m now in a position where I’m not massively overweight but would like to lose a few kilos. I’m now on Thyroxine which seems to be bringing my energy levels back towards some level of normality and consistency – I’m back to being able to do the gym regularly which is great and my diet is good but I’m still a few kilos over. I’ve had bulimia in my teens to early 30’s (i’m now 45) and there will be times where I’ll eat more than I think I should although it’s always healthy food, but still more calories is more calories right? So my question is will your over-eating program work for someone like me with an autoimmune? I’d love to lose 10 kilos if I can – will the protocol of two meals a day with the 12-8 window work for me? Thanks Brooke!