Louise Hay

Hi Brooke,

Do you like Louise Hay’s work? It’s all about positive affirmations, which I love. I think what she teaches is brilliant and has helped me over the years, however one thing, she implies that if you have an illness then you have created it. She does state that she cured herself of cancer by ‘cleaning up her thinking’. I think this can be true for some illnesses but not all. I have health issues and I have been practising positive affirmations for a number of years and always felt, if i am doing this then why can’t I change my health issues. It’s left me feeling angry and frustrated at myself. I know she also says/ teaches you to be kind to yourself and says don’t blame yourself, just take responsibility but I have found that very hard to do. What are your thoughts on creating illness through your thinking, and finding a cure? and on Louise Hay’s work?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. xx