Loving October, break through on not having enough time

Hi Brooke – I LOVE the material in October. This is perfect timing for me to work on organizing my thoughts.

I designed a coaching program where I work to help people with time management and stress management. The program uses self coaching, and also uses a protocol I developed for staying caught up on email, work, etc. It works great, I use it myself, and others have gotten a lot out of the program.

But here’s the thing… I have still struggled with feeling rushed and anxious. In fact, it seems like the more real my dream of doing coaching as part of my job becomes, the more I feel anxious and rushed about doing it. Which is ironic, because my coaching program is about time and stress management. It has helped me a lot to know that “50% of life is feeling like ass.” Also, I often think of you coaching people on overeating while you were still struggling with drinking. I feel like I am really helping people and doing good coaching, but I still have the next level of self coaching to do with myself… and probably always will.

I just did the exercise for the Organize Your Mind podcast, and I’m seeing some of these underlying thoughts that are driving my anxiety and rushing:
I’m not enough
I don’t deserve abundance in time, space or money
I owe a debt to the universe for being here
It’s too risky to invest time/money in myself

I have known about these thoughts for awhile, but it’s really sinking in now how they are driving my experience of feeling anxious about not having enough time. I have my perfect email management system, my budget spreadsheet, all of that is worked out. And I know how to help people take their crazy-busy job and get caught up and feeling better. But I still have these thoughts, and they are driving my experience.

And this is the first time where I feel rready to sit with these thoughts and just have a look at them. Before I was trying to immediately change them (because I was in a hurry, right? 🙂 ).

I guess that’s not really a question, but I just wanted to share. Thank you.