Lucy’s dares

Hi Brooke,
Thanks for coaching me on the VIP call. I’ve since done a few dares.
– I asked for “further discount” on already discounted things when I shopped for a quilt, quilt covers, and bed sheets – the reply was no;
– I asked if I can “have the coffee for free”, and the reply was no;
– I asked if I can have a “free macaroon”, again the answer was no.
I made myself do it by thinking “I’m doing this for SCS homework, I’m making myself feel bad on purpose”.
And I realized that my thought that made me feel so embarrassed before I asked: They are going to think I’m a cheap person, and would look down on me. Can you help me with some insights on this? I kinda think it can’t be true, but it does feel true.

On the other hand, daring myself to do something for my business feels easier, though I also have new insights.
So I have a new business service that I’m starting, and that is to paint Selfie Portrait to celebrate women’s milestones and achievements and particularly women in business. I’ve completed one of these for a client and she was super happy. Even though I had figured out my process, I had been reluctant to promote. In doing the dare, I figured out my fear was totally different. It was not what if I don’t get any business, it was actually “what if people really start to book me and I can’t deliver up to expectation”!
Anyways, I decided to do this month’s homework on that. I posted my offer in two women’s business groups on their promo day. I went to our local art supplies store, showed the stuff there my work and asked if they could refer me when people ask them to recommend artists, and they said for sure and kept my details.
My next dare would be to ask the local beauty salon owner to hire me to paint her 😉
You and your coaches would want to hire me to paint you, too!