Making A New Decision

I had an impossible goal to win a prestigious screenwriting contest this year. But I did not end up winning.

I worked really hard on writing the best possible screenplay I could, and submitted it on time, and believed really hard that I am winning.
Then I got a rejection letter.

Now I want to take the notes I was given about the screenplay and make it better because I still very much believe in its potential.
I have paid a script consultant $500 for an in-depth analysis as well as a one-hour phone call (which will happen this coming Thursday) and I will need to make a decision as to whether I will hire him to help me make the screenplay better or rather do it myself.

The cost of hiring the consultant? – $7,500.

Since I am unemployed, I will have to go into debt with my credit card in order to pay this amount.
And so I watch my brain stuck in indecision, weighing the scenarios:

T: It makes sense to pay a professional this much money if I want to succeed as a screenwriter
F: Decisive, Committed
A: Hire the consultant, work on making the screenplay better
R: I invested in making this screenplay better

T: This is money I currently can’t afford but I can afford my own time to make it better
F: Responsible, Hopeful
A: Revise the screenplay by myself
R: The screenplay will (or will not) get better

T: Given that you didn’t win, clearly your judgment of what is good is not good enough and you will waste precious time if you work on it by yourself
F: Incapable
A: Hire a consultant
R: My consultant helps me make the screenplay better

So, the basic two thoughts I am running between is whether I trust myself that I have enough wisdom to make it better on my own or since I did not win the contest (while I was certain all along that I will) then that must mean that my judgment is not good when it comes to my writing and I could waste precious time by trying to make it better on my own.

Would love your advice on how do I choose and proceed?