Making Friends as an Adult

Hi there!

About 6 months ago I moved to a new town in a very agricultural town in SE Massachusetts – this area is beautiful…’s literally called cranberry country because of all the cranberry bogs around here:) I love the natural beauty very much and I’m glad to be with my boyfriend now too. He works full time and is going to law school Tuesday & Thursday nights and on Saturday morning. Since he has a lot going on I got a second job at the local YMCA in addition to my full time job – it’s both time I have and a chance to make more money too. I’m have been enjoying helping to coach youth programs. Here’s the catch, I work remotely from the house and don’t know anyone else in the area and I’m struggling to meet new people and make friends. I’ve explored this “meet -up” app for local events but there isn’t much else around that I’m interested in. I’m sort of wondering what else I could be doing to put myself out there, to meet new people, and to literally and mentally show up in my life.

Any suggestions would love awesome!

Thank you my life coach Guru <3