Making Space by Letting Go

Hi Brooke,

I have been on board with the monthly work until April. While I love the concepts and your answers have been helpful, I am still going through the process of planning, having things come up or just not feeling up to the events on my calendar and then feeling like I have failed (even on days when I do a meet a good amount of my daily goals).

One of the things I have been thinking about is how much time I spend driving to teach classes and the time it takes up in my week (I am a yoga instructor and author). While it is amazing to have the connection with my students live and in person, I realized that I am not devoting the same amount of effort and time on my online business or working on new writing projects.

When I wrote my first book, it was in a space of time where I was on a sabbatical from teaching live classes. So I really hear you when you talk about constraint and focusing on one major project at a time.

Add to that I am in my first trimester with my second child and know my window of energy and availability will be much different once the new little one arrives. Given all of that I am flirting with the idea of giving up a full day of teaching and devoting that time to the bigger projects I am interested in.

My hesitation is that if I give up more in person time with my students that I will lose touch with that community (I only teach a few classes a week right now, they are popular classes and it gets me out of “Mom” mode). I am also worried that because I haven’t been sticking to my calendar so far, I won’t keep that new space of time devoted to other work.

Thanks for your thoughts