Managing rumination and worry when you don’t have complete information

I recently got lab work back showing that I tested positive for ANA which typically indicates one has an autoimmune disease or will develop one – the most common one being Lupus. M physician sent the lab work out for further analysis to re-run the test for false positives (occurs in ~15% of cases) and to narrow what specific disorder it’s related to.

The additional lab work can take up to a week, and my mind continues to jump to the worst case scenario and ruminate. I know I have no control over the outcome, and can only control my thoughts around it – but I can’t seem to harness them and stop worrying.

Ideally I would change my perception of the circumstance (the blood test result being positive), but it’s difficult given the worst case scenario is so detrimental – especially as someone that values their health.

Hoping to get thoughts on how to manage (or ideally stop!) rumination and worry around this situation.

Thank you!