So many epiphanies today.

Hi Brooke, had to write. I enrolled for SCS 2 weeks ago and I already feel changed. In great ways.
I have lost 10lbs in 13 days, eating good food and not going hungry. I guess sugar and flour REALLY disagreed with me. Still a way to go but great to feel movement, I already feel it in my jeans. Whoop!
This morning I got a phone call from an acquaintance confronting me about something which someone told her I said but I absolutely did not. I got off the phone with her feeling pissed, really angry – so I thought. So I spun in anger for most of the morning then thought to do a model on it. My mind was blown. I realized I wasn’t angry at all, I felt ashamed (people pleaser) and paranoid due to my thought being “what would people think if they heard this’ (action – discuss with everyone I know, result – show up as defensive and dramatic, confirming my focus on original thought!) I realized that I had other thoughts about the situation that were serving me better like ‘I did not say what she said I said. I have nothing to hide’. Feeling – confident and calm. Action- behave normally. Result – acting like I’ve nothing to hide. Far more constructive. I consciously tapped into this thought every time I thought about the situation throughout the afternoon (many times). I previously would have drama’ed this out for days. So amazing and liberating.
The other thing I wanted to share was a bit of a breakthrough with my 7 year old. He told me that the dinner I served had spoiled his day and made him really sad so I told him that I can’t make him sad, sadness is his to choose – or happiness. He didn’t really get it. So I said ‘listen to these words’; Santa, Christmas’. He started beaming ear to ear, I asked him how he was feeling now he said excited and happy. I asked “who made you feel that way?’ He said ‘you, mama’ and I said no – you! Because of what you thought about Santa and Christmas, you felt excited and happy’. He was so thrilled with this concept! Seriously, why aren’t we taught this stuff in school?
I’ve so far to go but the feeling of real progress is just mind blowing. Everyone who listens to your podcasts needs to join SCS. I’ve been listening for almost two years but without the tools to implement the teaching, the consumption of the material didn’t do anything for me. Here I am just 2 weeks later and evolving (like a Pokémon)
Thank you for all that you do 😘