Your Martha Beck Approach

Hey Brooke!

I just heard you share about how you got into Martha Becks circle by helping her for free, without any expectation…just giving.

I am interested in this approach and wanted some advice for making the initial offer to help for free.

My niche is tech adverse coaches who want to list build.

Before today, I was targeting and attracting coaches who are bringing in $0 – $5,000 a month and really aren’t ready to leverage email marketing.

I made a connection with one of your 6-figure earning coaches though and saw that she has built her business without a website or list and could still step her email marketing game up to capture all the traffic she is generating with a podcast, guest Podcasting and live streams.

This hit me that I’ve seen other coaches who fit this description too. They have the sales side and personality, but Haven’t developed their list building as an asset to complement and feed their strengths.

There are a lot of parts of my business I’m not confident in, but getting 40%-70% conversions on email subscribers and getting people to that page…I am 100% confident in.

How do you recommend I research this target market?

What tips do you have for approaching a coach and offering to help her for free?