Massive Action Question

When I first started my business in my teens, I was so excited – I threw everything I could at the wall. And, for whatever reason, things worked out very, very well. In my late 30’s, things stopped working out, for whatever reason, and I started to slow down my effort to a crawl. Obviously, business slowed as well. Less actions equaled less failures – but also less results.

Fast forward to today, I’m brainstorming a new business. The problem with having lots of experiences and skills is that you can go many different ways and be successful. Or not. Unfortunately, my thinking has me stuck – because I have 3 to 5 really amazing options – that could all work equally well. Or not.

So my thinking is – pick one I think will do well and serve my market – and take massive action. Because at least if I move fast and it fails… I’ll learn something (even if that is “This wasn’t the right market”) and I’ll know sooner rather than later … and fast action is better than no action at all. How can I tell if something was the right decision or not if I tiptoe my way through the steps? I’m thinking I have to stop going slow – and start taking fast, massive action to learn if this was the right path … or maybe to learn what the right path is during my massive action.

Was wondering what your thoughts were on this. Just pick one of the best options and go to town? (You’re like “Yes, obviously. You realize this is called SELF-coaching scholars, right?”) But just thought I’d get your feedback as I ask my brain to accept uncertainty and commit to jumping in with both feet.