Maybe I am just unhappy in general

Hi there,

I have been working with my thoughts and feelings and I spoke to someone close to me recently who said I seem unhappy and get angry easily with my kids. It caught me off guard but I realized that I can say it out loud, I am unhappy at this time. Usually it’s the thought I can change, but I am just tired of trying to figure it out. I realized I use overdrinking and other buffering because maybe I have been unhappy for a while and don’t want to make waves with my husband or family so I buffer. I am trying to pin point when this started and I am having a hard time. I do quite a bit of comparing and complaining and it’s not serving me. With the model, is there a thought I can start with to move forward and get out this funk? My life is full but I seem to be stressed out a lot with my two kids and husband and his family. I am not sure how to get past this funk. Thanks.