Maybe Meth Instead?

Hey Brooke! Last night, my best friend came over after not seeing me for about 2 months – and she saw I wasn’t drinking (both my partner and her were) and she said, “Aren’t you drinking?” And I said, “Oh no. I stopped.” And she said… “What? Why???” (She looked very concerned.) And I replied “Oh, I always felt really bad the day after and it was getting in the way of my goals. And I also found that I was drinking to try to solve my anxiety – but it was just making my anxiety worse, not better. So I stopped.”

Her Reply: “Oh, well you should try marijuana!”

LOL – I joked “Well, I was thinking about just skipping that and just going straight to meth.”

It’s funny how drinking/drugs are such a part of our culture that if you don’t use them to relieve stress, anxiety, or connect with others – something is wrong with you. 🙂

Anyway – we had a blast all night. They drank, I didn’t. And I also didn’t use meth. So it was a win all around. 😉