Messy Middle

Hi Brroke, is it normal to start self coaching yourself on one thing and find out you have a bunch more work in other areas as well? 😊 I am working on my thoughts around money but can I add in other things along the way too? Long story short my best friend (who also happens to be my handsome boyfriend!) may be leaving to start a new job two hours away. Now we actually haven’t found out if he got the job, but my mind has been in a mess all week. First I noticed I started out the week very jealous of his opporunity, then it went to fear, and now I’m feeling sadness. Here’s the thing I think I’ll been using him as a buffer for a long time against my emotions. I think all this junk coming up is stuff I haven’t dealt with since basically before I’ve started dating him. My brain is basically saying “Crap if he leaves we gotta deal with all the insecurities that will come up again.” It’s not pretty – lots of unworthiness, feelings of not enough etc. Basically with him I feel like I’m enough in who I am, but without him I go back to questioning everything about myself. I know these are my thoughts of course but it’s a dark hole. I don’t want to stay in this place though because whether he leaves for this job or not, these emotions are just going to keep circling around. I’ve been struggling with doing the models as well. I know the “how” but I just don’t sit down and do them. Would the private coaching help? Maybe the 6 sessions to get me going on models? How much do they cost? I know if I want to move forward through my crap, I’ve got to use the tools you gave me starting with the models.