Mind Drama

Backstory – my close friend and I are certified coaches for a certain way of eating. The certification entails paying a fee of about $500, watching some videos and taking a test. Once you have your certification, it’s up to you to make your coaching business a success. It’s not a multilevel marketing thing.

This company we’re associated with has a large fb following of well over 500k followers and there are strict rules about coaches advertising in these groups. However, the rules are applied unevenly. Some coaches get away with bending or breaking the rules, other coaches like my friend, get called on it every time.

My friend refuses to edit or remove her posts when she has seen that other coaches have gotten away with identical posts. She has screenshots, etc. The head admin for the fb group has stopped communicating with my friend because she will not back down.

Last evening, the CEO of the company posted a very threatening letter using quotes from my friend that threatened removal of any coaches’ certification and legal action if anyone talks badly about the company. He referenced the contract we sign every year stating we will not disparage the company. In the meantime, my friend cannot reply to this letter in the group or she will be identified in the coaching group as the troublemaker and possibly escalate the situation. Also, many other coaches are of course taking the side of the company because they don’t know the whole sordid tale.

I have a LOT of models going on right now.

C – CEO writes words, publishes in private coaches Facebook group
T – This is fucking unfair bullshit.
F – Angry
A – think about it, stew about it, reread the letter and all of the responses in the fb group, fb message with my friend and a few other coaches who also think this bullshit, look for all the evidence of their favoritism, look at past occurrences, get super pissed that they gaslighted my friend, spin in all the mind drama, keep going to fb
R – Don’t show up for my friend the way I want to.

I’ve done thought downloads. And I know I’m resisting this current model, thinking I shouldn’t be spinning in this stupid mind drama. Suggestions? Please. 🙏