Mind drama over choosing to sign up for LCS Certification training

Hi! Here is my dilemma:
I have coach certification since 2011 in another school. Yet I’ve been disappointed in terms of being able to provide real, powerful results to my clients from working together. l’ve stayed ‘hiding’ in corporate coaching, where, because people don’t pay from their own pocket, I was less concerned.

But now is different. I have been through a lot of personal growth in the past years and am now ready to shift into offering powerful coaching that gets results, coaching that I can 100% believe in, with who I really want to coach (women entrepreneurs).

Yet signing up for the LCS feels crazy (as in, irresponsible) and scary. My thoughts: I worry that the issue is not ever about the method, but a lack of confidence in my capacity as a coach, and confidence comes from inside, not a certification, so choosing to get another training is a delusion. I’m afraid of committing what is for me a big investment out of hoping to be rescued by a perfect method, and that it distracts me from actually getting out there, selling, making money (which I do need to make, esp. being a single mom, like asap!) – while adding a lot of homework to my plate. I feel some guilt in advance if I went for it and invested that money while I’m currently transitioning into this new coaching business I want to create and not making money yet, b/c my self-doubt means, of course I also haven’t started offering programs to people (scared!).

At the same time, I’m just attracted to learning something new and hope that joining LCS would create a supportive structure and community for me to grow and achieve my goals. Anyways so I feel hesitant, anxious, guilty at even wanting to do this, and as a result, keep obsessing, not making a decision. If I go for it: I feel I need to commit to something, for example, making all that money back with my business in 1 or 2 years. So, it creates more pressure and I don’t want to do this under pressure.

Well, all in all, yes, I’m indulging in complete mind drama. Any insights (or kicks in the butt) here will be welcome and appreciated. Thank you!!