My Mind Made Up a Story…

Hey Brooke! Over the months, I’ve started to see things a bit differently. (A “bit” as in “completely”) Here’s my mind’s current story:

I now see humans as animals who have adapted over time for survival. For whatever scientific reason I don’t currently know, our prefrontal cortex developed and we were able to create a lot of new things other animals haven’t. Language, names, governments, laws, manners, customs, etc. Also entire “belief systems” … shoulds/should nots… sometimes seemingly global … often times, applicable to a specific culture or religion. Our primitive brain keeps us alive via very basic flight, fight, freeze capabilities – along with our desire to avoid pain, get pleasure, and be efficient. I feel like the rest is socialization by our family and culture (“Here – we’ve made up this first and middle name for you. And you get our made-up last name that we were told was ours. And we live in this made-up country and speak this made-up language. And over time, we’re going to teach you about a million made-up rules, laws, beliefs, etc. – and you’ll also make up your own based on your experience with all of the other humans you either meet or see via media.”) And this little mini-universe lives within the 3 pound brain we carry around – in a body we belive is “me”.

As humans, we’re born and die in 75 to 100 year cycles (give or take). As I think you put it in the workbook on finding our purpose, we’re always LIVING our purpose – because our purpose is just to live. And then we get to add on any purpose we wish – as a way to experience our lives. (Very obvious paraphrasing there). So we’re humans who live until we die – and most of what happens in the middle is made up of made-up stuff. Lots of math happens, but most of what we think about is, I’m guessing, the drama part. The names, relationships, rules, shoulds, etc.

So – within that context, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do. One answer I had is “If my life is a limited-run engagement – and everything I used to get caught up in is mind-made blather – why not just play (create, grow, expand, enjoy) all the rest of my days?” I see that Jim Carrey has launched into a massive painting, sculpture, and writing creation process recently – partly, I believe, because he’s hit upon this same type of “My made-up concept of myself and the world is not true”.

Or – I wonder – could another answer be … “How could I create something that will help other humans get this?” And why do I think they “should” get this? Because maybe we can evolve further past the made-up drama if we do? Why? Not to be remembered (I think there’s empty value in being remembered as a name – unless we’re inspired to act on what that person did) – but maybe just to help future generations suffer less. Maybe, in my own way, to help the process of human evolution.

Maybe that entails coaching – but also books – since they live longer? Or maybe creating curriculum for teachers and trying to get that into schools? Or (this is a joke, but it actually makes the most sense) creating a new religion that can live for 1000’s of years and spread these concepts.

Or just play.

I admire the work you and Byron Katie and others do – because I think it’s about separating the reality of the world from the mind’s perception of it. And the mind can go so deep and hold so many made-up concepts – that sometimes it feels like swimming in the ocean. It takes no effort to let yourself drown in the water of the drama – but conscious and constant paddling and kicking to keep your head up in the fresh air. And I wonder if a purpose is to spread these ideas and help humans evolve OR just play and not think about it. Or if both are equally just math.

LOL – and then I think… “Wow. My mind just wrote an interesting story it believes. How fun.” I love how this work can take you down the rabbit hole of reality vs thought. 🙂

Sometimes it’s scary (for the mind) to think about how much you could do in this area if you could really separate out the math from the drama. I just saw your Life Coach School blueprints and my first thought was “How scary to build something so big – with such a big vision”… and then I caught myself and thought… “Of COURSE. Makes sense. I like this first version. I wonder what the second, larger version of the Life Coach School will be like?”

Anyway – right now I’m in this in-between spot – where I’m working to develop a purpose and a plan for the rest o’ my years … and my mind is running my 46-year old model of how the world works – AND a scary future if I do something I think might be impactful. I’m thinking more stuff logically – but my mind is still processing lots of stuff emotionally. So it’s an interesting time. 😀

Wondering what your thoughts are on some of this…