Mini miracle part 2

Hi Brooke
I also thought I’d share some practical gains for me thanks quite a bit to your program

1- I am down 20 pounds from June
2- I continue 4 days a week intensity workout-cardio + weights- I am getting so strong and fit, I feel it during my hikes with my dog
3- started yoga classes
4-weekly doggie classes (mostly for me to socialize)
5- ended a noncommitted perpetually confusing long term relationship because I want commitment and attachment (the no limbo zone)
6- preparing to reno my home (for the zen feel and look)
7- will be starting classical guitar lessons
8- planning to begin my 300 dates, set my intention and what I am looking for
9- started a semi-public blog called “The Mind Side of Weight Loss”
10-will be updating my wardrobe monthly-looking for a tailored-wild child look

Things are not really up to where I’d like them to be at work but I am wiling to give the best I can – not as good as my best for sure, but I am helpful, its OK. I am used to being highly motivated and I cant find my mojo here.
I am probably going to give notice to leave in December and I will work part time for another startup while I figure out what to do next

Thanks for being one of my anchors and such an inspiration. Your program is so powerful and I cant wait until it explodes to the masses 🙂