Minimum Baseline

Brooke mentioned the tool of minimum baseline as a way to “have an answer” for when our brain ‘doesn’t feel like doing,’ what we scheduled to do (exercise, work on our business, write, etc.).

When it came to exercise I decided to create a rule where while I aim to exercise 3 times per week for 45 minutes, my minimum baseline is 10 minutes 3 times per week.

What I noticed is that in the moment my brain has an answer to my answer. So our conversation goes like this:

Me: Alright, it’s 6am, time to go to the gym! We have a 45 minutes workout scheduled.
Brain: But I don’t wanna.
Me: I figured you wouldn’t, so you know what the rule is when you don’t wanna – we have to go for minimum 10 minutes.
Brain: But what’s the point of this rule? 10 minutes won’t change a thing, we might as well get more rest, and go tomorrow for the whole 45 minutes.
Me: You have a point.

So it’s as if my brain belittles the minimum baseline and so I wonder if there are deeper reasons to stick to the baseline, even if I think that the minimum baseline really won’t make a significant impact on the whole goal?